SENTINEL™ Electrical Insulation Socket

The Game-Changer in Pool Safety & Compliance

Swimming Pool Glass Fence Spigots

Make your glass pool fence non-conductive to electricity

Swimming Pool Fence Posts

Make your fence posts non-conductive to electricity

Swimming Pool Ladders

Make your ladders non-conductive to electricity

Swimming Pool Handrails

Make your handrails non-conductive to electricity

Swimming Pool Bar Stools and More

Make your bar stools and more non-conductive to electricity

  1. Core drill holes in slab for SENTINEL™
  2. Epoxy SENTINEL™ in each hole
  3. Grout spigots into SENTINEL™
  4. Compliance Achieved

Discover the enhanced safety and convenience of the SENTINEL™ - our patented Australian-made Electrical Insulation Socket.

As the safer, superior, economical, time saving and inclusive alternative to Equipotential Bonding (Grounding/Earthing) of Extraneous Conductive Elements, such as Swimming Pool Fence Spigots, the SENTINEL™ is the No.1 choice for protection against electric shock drowning.

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Australian Made Innovative Design

The SENTINEL™ is Independently Tested and Ready to Save Lives

The SENTINEL™ is designed with an array of functional features that include venting apertures, secure bayonet fitting of the modular sections, internal and external protrusions for secure fixing, and a chamfered edge base to help with movement of the pure epoxy fixing material from under the base to up the sides of the SENTINEL™ within the core hole. Due to the modular design of the SENTINEL™ it can be lengthened to suit the embedded requirement of the Extraneous Conductive Element and customised in scale for larger items. All these features are created with the user in mind, facilitating a smooth installation process.


With the SENTINEL™, you can achieve a safer, superior, economical, time-saving and inclusive alternative to Equipotential Bonding (Grounding or Earthing) of Extraneous Conductive Elements, such as: swimming pool fence spigots, fence posts, ladders, stair handrails, deck handrails, grab rails, sockets, bar stools, and more. The SENTINEL™ Electrical Insulation Socket is protected by Trademark, Patent and Design Registrations.

The SENTINEL™ Electrical Insulation Socket product is protected by Trademark, patents and designs.

  • Laboratory Testing and Real-world Applications SENTINEL™ Passed All Tests

    Was testing of the non-conductive spigot completed with the clear or powder coated spigot grouted into a reinforced concrete slab? If not, the testing doesn’t prove the spigot is non-conductive in situ.

  • Test Failure Due to Missing Grub Screw Cap SENTINEL™ Solves This Problem

    Will the non-conductive spigots conduct electricity if the grub screw caps are left out, fall out or degrade due to simple wear and tear, exposure to UV radiation, other harsh weather conditions, chemical process and/or mechanical damage?

  • Test Failure Due to Degradation of Coating SENTINEL™ Solves This Problem

    Will the non-conductive spigots conduct electricity if the coating is chipped or scratched due to simple wear and tear, or degraded from exposure to UV radiation, other harsh weather conditions and/or chemical process?

  • True and Accurate Safety Claims SENTINEL™ is Scientifically Tested

    Have the above limitations been mentioned in the purported non-conductive spigot product literature?

  • Building Compliance in Australia SENTINEL™ Meets Australian Standards

    On the internet search for “The Guide to Australian Building Product Conformity” and “Procurement of Construction Products - A guide to achieving compliance”.

Economical & Time-saving

The SENTINEL™ is not only superior in terms of safety, it’s also more economical. Connection to the earthing grid must be completed by a licensed electrician; resulting in possible scheduling issues, slow construction and increased costs, with the SENTINEL™ this is totally avoided.


Unlike other purported alternatives to Equipotential Bonding of Extraneous Conductive Elements the SENTINEL™ is inclusive of popular finishes such as Polished or Brushed Stainless Steel.

Take a quick look at our 3D Animation for installation steps, and our Test Report for more detailed product insights.

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Equipotential Bonding and the SENTINEL™: A Cost-Effective & Advanced Safety Solution

Information for Installers

The purpose of Equipotential Bonding is to ensure the elimination of electrical voltage gradients in the pool area, protecting swimmers and bystanders from electric shock drowning. Water and electricity don't mix!

In Australia, Equipotential Bonding is a crucial legal requirement for swimming pools. In accordance with AS/NZS 3000: 2018 (Australian Standard for Wiring Rules), all metallic parts or extraneous conductive elements, such as pool fence spigots, fence posts, ladders, stair handrails, deck handrails, grab rails, sockets, bar stools, etc. in contact with the pool water or within 1.25m of the pool or spa edge must have Equipotential Bonding (Earthing/Grounding) or a deemed to satisfy alternative used.

The SENTINEL™: An Alternative Solution

Traditional Equipotential Bonding can be a complex, time-consuming, and costly exercise, involving the installation of extensive wiring and connection to the earthing grid. However, the SENTINEL™ provides a modern, efficient, and cost-effective alternative with its double insulating properties.

Advantages of the SENTINEL™

  • Safety: The SENTINEL™ offers protection against electric shock drowning with its double insulation feature. This ensures that immediate insulation is attained when the socket is fixed in the core hole with the Pure Epoxy Fixing Material and in turn the Extraneous Conductive Element is grouted into the SENTINEL™, preventing any potential electric shock drowning hazards within pool or spa areas.
  • Cost-effectiveness: As compared to the exorbitant costs of traditional equipotential bonding that may involve laborious tasks and material expenses or the replacement cost of purported non-conductive clear or powder coated elements, the SENTINEL™ serves as a far more wallet-friendly option from the start.
  • Ease of Installation: The installation of the SENTINEL™ is significantly simpler than ensuring compliance with conventional Equipotential Bonding techniques. This enables a quicker, stress-free setup and design alterations to the location of Extraneous Conductive Elements is almost unlimited.
  • Product Design: The SENTINEL™ delivers these safety benefits without compromising on aesthetics. Its modern design allows it to be completely hidden from view under cover plates surrounding the Extraneous Conductive Elements and this then blends in seamlessly with any pool’s landscape design.
  • Ease of Proof: For building certifiers to check that an Extraneous Conductive Element is insulated and protected, with the SENTINEL™ this becomes as simple as lifting a cover plate and seeing the black flange of the Electrical Insulation Socket. Not as simple to check if Extraneous Conductive Elements are equipotential bonded or that a purported non-conductive spigot is non conductive.

In conclusion, The SENTINEL™ offers a smart, sophisticated, and cost-effective solution for Equipotential Bonding requirements. By replacing traditional methods, it guarantees safety, aesthetic appeal due to being hidden, and peace of mind to users in pool areas, along with significant cost savings. Whether you’re an architect, landscape designer, pool builder, pool fence installer or pool owner, choosing the SENTINEL™ not only meets legal requirements but is also a true enduring investment in safety.

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What Makes SENTINEL™ the Rising Star in Australian Pool Safety

SENTINEL™ Features

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The SENTINEL™: your gateway to peace through innovation, epitomising the fusion of simplicity, practicality, and a safety-first principle.

  • Unsurpassed Insulation: Manufactured with an emphasis on superior insulation, the SENTINEL™ Electrical Insulation Socket offers unprecedented safety, allowing you to use your swimming pool or spa with confidence.
  • Resilient Construction: The SENTINEL™ is fabricated to endure routine usage while upholding their function and safety measures. Their modular design allows for customisation, demonstrating their robustness and versatility.
  • Straightforward Installation: The SENTINEL™ promises a seamless installation process, minimising setup time. The electrical insulation sockets are designed to be installed using our SENTINEL™ Guide Tool, air vent apertures in the socket flange are to aid in the flow of the Pure Epoxy Fixing Material, and a bayonet fitting of the socket sections for secure usage, contributing to a hassle-free setup and enabling you to relish the convenience it delivers quicker.

What It Does

The SENTINEL™ Electrical Insulation Socket goes beyond being a simple socket; it’s your shield against electric shock drowning. This highly advanced socket becomes double insulated once fixed in a core hole with Pure Epoxy Fixing Material, providing a secured electrical environment around pools for your home or business establishment. It’s the serenity that comes with knowing that everyone, including children, pets, or any individual present, is safeguarded against the potential for electric shock drowning.

How It Works

The SENTINEL™ functions on a fundamental yet ingenious concept of providing superior electrical insulation. It’s resistant to damage, particularly amid groundworks like renovations that could potentially harm the earthing grid connections. Due to its modular design, the SENTINEL™ can be extended or customised to satisfy various requirements. Moreover, its robust composition guarantees durability even with regular use while maintaining its remarkable safety specifications.

Both handy – given its easy installation and user-friendly design – and designed to be hidden by a cover plate surrounding the item being embedded into the socket with grout. Embrace a heightened level of electrical safety with the SENTINEL™, each use echoing its excellent blend of convenience and innovation.

Who Should Use It

The SENTINEL™ is ideal for those in pursuit of a significantly improved electrical safety in their pool areas. It has particular advantages for:

  • Families who wish to secure their loved ones from any potential electric shock drowning incidents.
  • Workplaces, to ensure the safety of employees and diminish electricity-related incidents.
  • Hotels and public areas, to protect both staff and visitors and emphasise a commitment to safety and the well-being of others.

A Special Message for Swimming Pool, Spa & Fence Installers, Landscapers, and Builders

As dedicated professionals enhancing lives with your expertise, we recognise that safety, practicality, and durability are of utmost significance. The SENTINEL™ is designed to encompass and exceed those principles, revolutionising how electrical safety is integrated within your projects.

We invite you to ascertain the numerous advantages of the SENTINEL™ in your work and join us on our mission to raise the bar in electrical safety standards.

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